Ladies and Gents - I missed this.

And now I am back and about to share my absolute TOP FIVE beauty favs so far this summer and why I love 'em. I've been all about wearing less makeup and showing more skin (in the right areas ;)). Gonna get straight to it - let's go.

1. Nudestix Nudies All Over Face Colors in Bare Back, Hey Honey & Illumi-Naughty - the ultimate lazy hack to beauty [you're welcome]. I don't know what it is about these little chubby stix but I haven't gone a day without using them. Bare Back - a soft baby pink that I wear on my eyes, cheeks and lips (like your aunt just pinched your cheeks but in the best way possible). Illumi-Naughty - the softest, glossiest glow with no shimmers or anything too extra or over the top. Just gives your skin the healthiest shine with a little bit of that holographic trend that's going around. Also, works great under a powder highlighter for when you need an extra POP. Hey Honey - think Illumi-Naughty but golden. Shop the glows here & the mattes here.

2. Dedcool Chazstick "Rose" - from the cleanest ingredients ever (basically edible), to the softest touch on the lips, this one's a keeper. It's a solid tie with my last summer fave - stay tuned. Check it out via UO here and show @dedcool some love (tell 'em I sent you ;))

3. Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff - the brightest little glow you could ask for (& trust me - a little goes a long way with this thing. I learned the hard way). I love adding the tiniest dot of this stuff on my cheeks when I'm going for a super bold or red lip to tie the look together. Grab it here.

4. OUAI Hair Oil - an all-time fave for taming frizz and softening my ends (especially when I'm not giving my hair the TLC it deserves). That being said, I did get quite the chop yesterday and am on a mission to revive the hair to rapunzel level. So stay tuned for that - this baby will come in handy.

5. Glossier Balm Dotcom - I deal with super dry lips and have a really bad tendency to always pick at them. The past few months I've basically trained myself to apply a little bit of this goodie whenever I'm feeling dry and have seen a major improvement with my lips. Plus it smells so yummy you almost carry it around as a snack (don't do that - I kid). Shop it here.

What have you been loving this summer? LMK over on @beautyrewritten (since I'm still in the works of fio-ing this whole comment section). Would love to hear from you.


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