We all know what S stands for. Summer, swimsuits - stress (eek).

I really do feel like the older we get, the more we learn and begin to accept our bodies, and ourselves, as we are. This year, for the first time ever, I caught myself looking at a photo and appreciating my body. I found myself honestly admiring the curves and bumps that I usually would have just wanted to edit away – something that didn’t happen overnight and something I still need to work on (keeping it real over here).

With summer around the corner (ish - major ish if you live in Toronto like me), I thought I’d share 5 quick tips that helped me feel my best in a swimsuit, and all year round. Let’s do this.

1. Work for it.

Confidence doesn’t come easy, especially when you’re sitting around wishing you looked like someone else or had the time, energy, motivation, or whatever it may be to head over and kick some butt. Work to become the best possible version of yourself in every single way. Make time for the things that you know make you feel good – whether that’s the gym, a cycling class, or an extra 10 minutes to make a healthy lunch in the morning. Actively peruse the goal of becoming the best possible you that you can be, inside and out, and confidence will follow.

2. Get some zzzz’s.

Beauty sleep is as real as it gets. De-puff. De-stress. Get your hours in.

3. Find the one.

Find a bather you absolutely love on your body and think about why – is it thin vs. thick straps, the right support for the girls, minimal vs. print, etc. Whatever it may be, look for a swimsuit that hugs your curves the way they’re meant to be hugged.

4. Eat right.

And I don’t mean kale and spinach. I mean eat whatever the heck makes you happy and makes you feel good. It’s all about balance – and while abs are made in the kitchen, so is a bomb burger and some side fries ;). Let yourself enjoy. Eat mindfully, stop when you’re full, and indulge in the good stuff when you want to. Happiness and confidence are more than what you eat and what you look like. It all starts from within.

5. Love yourself.

Realize that your body doesn’t measure your worth and neither does what anyone else thinks. Perfection doesn’t exist, and even if it did, it would be pretty boring. Find the beauty in being the only one in the world who looks like you do and flaunt it.

You're beautiful - all year round. You better know it.


Photography by @frankie_marin

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