September 15, 2016











Crazy to say, but I think I'm pretty much ready for fall...


I've been finding myself pulling for the new turtle neck sweater (lasting maybe five minutes in total), desperately trying to rock a sweater dress to work, and feeling totally confused with the mules I just got (is socks + mules a thing?)


Slowly transitioning into this weird time of year with soft neutrals (I'll wear white when I want to, bro) and a bold leather jacket to "keep warm", as they say. 


Make your own rules. No better season to do so.


Silk Tank - H&M | Pants - BNKR / Finder's Keepers | Marble Watch - Christian Paul | Shoes - Public Desire | Shades - Zero UV | Leather Jacker - Zara



Photos by @rchltvs





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