Ever drive over eight hours in a seven-person car with six people to spend 48 hours in NYC?

I have. And to make matters even crazier, it started POURING the second we hit the city.

So what do you do? Cram as much NYC as you possibly can by running around like freaks and trying to make it out alive to catch your 6:30 am flight back home on Monday. Something a little like this...


11:00 AM - FOOD. I'm giving you about 20ish. Stuff yo' mouth. It's time to go.

11:45 am - en route to SOHO. Get on the sweaty hot subway in mid August, it's sooooo fun (aka don't do it unless you bf wants to save money lol). Make sure to stop by American Two Shot on 135 Grand Street. Basically the cutest lil' shop with vintage pieces, fun patches and punny cards, plus a COFFEE SHOP in the middle. I said it once and I'll say it again - get you a coffee shop that can do both.

2:00 PM - FOOD (again) - a girl's gotta eat. My #1 spot for NYC eats has to be by CHLOE. All you vegans are going to FREAK because this little spot is honestly UNREAL. I don't even know where to begin. From coconut water in a legitimate (white - aethetics, ah) coconut, to VEGAN mac & cheese that tastes better than the real thing with mushroom (faux) bacon & a GUAC BURGER with a sweet potato patty that just melts in your mouth, this shiz gives me a reason to live. The best part is everyone there feels the exact same way and orders a solid five course meal. So feel free to stuff your face and grab some home-made beet ketchup to go, s'all good.

There's two locations (potentially three now that I'm checking) - one in SOHO and one closer to Greenwich Village. DW - I went to both.

3:00 PM - Continue strolling the streets of NYC (mainly to walk off all the food). Get lost in the city and take it all in. Oh, and get in the middle of a busy street to snap a pic like I did, always a super great and safe idea.

The rest of that day is basically going to be a big giant blur. Head back over to your hotel and get changed up for the night. Walk around and find a solid dinner spot if you're pooped like me. We stumbled upon Quality Italian on 57 W 57th for super overpriced but delicious pasta. The gnocchi was amazing - but the BREAD. Let's just talk about the bread. It came baked in a little circular dish with some garlic and parmesan toppings... The type of bread that steams when you break off a piece. Just putting it out there.

Let's take it to DAY #2:

9:00 AM (yup): wake the f up and get moving to my new ultimate brunch spot in Greenwich Village - Bluestone Lane . Not only is this place originally from Australia (hence the super cute accents that are basically mandatory to work there), but the food is even better than it looks on all the Aussie girls' snapchats. I ordered the waffles (that came with real flowers that I considered eating) and ate off of everyone else's plates that included the famous avo smash toast, granola and green baked eggs. Take me back.

11:00 AM - k time to go. let's go. enough.

Head on towards Washington Park to be all cute and touristy, stopping by little record shops and ootd-ready streets to do your thing (no shame in the game). I found Greenwich Village to be a lot more chill than SOHO and can't believe this was my first time there. PS - Carrie Bradshaw's house is somewhere in the area... nbd.

3:00 PM - continue being a tourist and somehow end back... I don't even know where. We managed to find our way back to Central Park and continued wandering the streets into everywhere and no where, and then back to Herald Square for some shopping. The Urban Outfitters there is crazy good. Three floors of everything you can't afford because by this point you're broke af, gotta love it though.

Oh and let's not forget the pre-shopping fuel that we devoured back at by CHLOE's other location. Keep it coming.

7:00 PM - make your bf take you out on date night (mwahaha).

Tried to be all cute and romantic so there's no photo proof, but head over to Blue Ribbon for a little hidden UNREAL sushi spot where Jay & Bey dine (reliable source, I promise). This kinda made the whole experience more exciting as I pretended to sit next to Queen B, but regardless the sushi was amazing and the service super solid as well. Must.

10:00 PM - end off the night with cereal milk ice cream from the Momofuku Milk Bar (15 w 56th st, around our hotel but there are a couple of locations). Pro tip: try not to spill it all over yourself like I did.

By this point 48 hours have almost come to an end... Let's take it to 4 am the next day when you have to wake up and catch your flight half dead.


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