Oh you know. Just pulling up to the side of the road in the middle of no where with a stranger-turned-best friend you met two days ago that is sleeping in your bed and forcing your boyfriend to play photographer and pulling over a random blue truck because the photo-opp was real. The usge.

Last Friday, I decided to let a stranger named Emma, who travelled halfway across the country from Vancouver (pronounced 'vang-couver' by the real Van OGs, as I later found out) into my home slash bed - and fast forward 72 hours later we balled our eyes when she had to leave. You might recognize this qt from our East Coast vs. West Coast collab a lil while back - the one and only West Coast Kinda Girl! Long story short - we spent the past 4 days glued at the hip and I somehow still wish we were...

Denim skirt - vintage | Bodysuit - Brandy Melville | Shoes - local boutique | Sunnies - Zero UV | Watch - Daniel Wellington

As you can see, we got along preeeetty well. That's the crazy thing about this lil' Instagram - call it names, hate its guts and delete it all together, but at the end of the day it somehow brings people together from all different parts of the world. I am so lucky I got to meet a forever friend through this crazy lil' app and can't wait to see you again soon Emmski (shame I'm potentially tearing).