If you’re reading this, congratulations. You have survived yet another Monday.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding my Teami 30 Detox and wanted to let you guys know how it’s going! So, here’s the deal:

I’m obsessed.

Aside from feeling fancy drinking tea every morning and night (which I am now completely hooked on), I’ve been absolutely LOVING the results. I’m two weeks into the 30 Day Detox program and feel more energized, toned, lighter and satisfied than ever.

The LD:

The Skinny Tea is a) super yummy and b) super effective at controlling my hunger levels. I noticed that I get hungry but I’m neverstarving, allowing me to control my portions and minimize my in-between-meal snacking. I drink the Skinny Tea every morning before or with my breakfast. Mm mm good.

The Colon Tea is my fave and can be quite addictive. I’m still playing around with the amount of time I leave the Colon tea bag to steep (the longer you wait, the stronger the effect), but have found that two minutes are enough to get the job done and avoid the cramping that the flushing process can initially cause. The Colon tea acts as a natural laxative, so I drink it right before bed (usually around 11 PM), to ensure that it gets the job done right when I wake up… If you know what I mean. Like how do you discuss this without the P WORD LADIES. Stay classy.

Just to clarify some common questions I’ve been asked:

1. YES I eat! This detox does NOT replace your meals! All you do is simply drink tea once-to-twice a day and #winsomemore (did I make you laugh)

2. You only “go” once after the Colon tea. It doesn’t reoccur throughout the day. That would be terrible… Oh my. Once you go, you go. That’s it.

Overall, I cannot recommend this detox enough. Make sure to check back next week for my Week 3 Detox Update or give it a try using my code 10NITSAN for 10% off your entire order!

Let’s be classy together, shall we…