MORE OF 2016

A little late, but better late than never.

New Year Resolutions are as “basic” as it gets. A list of five-to-ten little improvements that we hope to achieve within the next twelve months, that yet somehow end up getting re-worded for the following year in hopes of eventually checking them off. You know, something along the lines of losing five pounds, eating less pizza, or finally cleaning out your closet. If you pay attention, you’ll realize that the reason you’re not check-marking those reso’s complete is because they revolve around the idea of less, not more. Less pizza, less caring what people think, less procrastinating, less carbs, less phone, less Netflix binging, less this, less that...

But why not more. Why take away from the year ahead when you can simply add to it. Instead of less sweets, how about more greens, more fruits, more walking, more nature, more love, more time with your family, more memories. When you focus on the positive side of the things that make you happy and decide to give yourself more of those things, you’re automatically more motivated to get ’em done. Kick 2016 right in the booty and own it in the ways that make you the happiest. Whether it’s being more lenient with yourself and enjoying an extra piece of cake when you want it, or whether it’s more yoga and more kale. Do whatever it takes to make this year your best one yet. And smile more while you’re at it.

1. More sweat (gross, but accurate). Push myself more, challenge myself, work hard.

2. Say yes more. Make more memories, more baby steps towards where I want to be.

3. Dream bigger. If I can’t do it, it can’t be done.

4. Give more. Listen. Be a better friend.

5. More being me. More confidence. More skin. Bigger smiles.

Happy first day of the next year in your story. Let’s make 2016 a year for the books.